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Getting Around Paris

The public transportation system in Paris is easy and convenient to use. These are the main means of transport in the city:

Public transport system

  • Metro de París The Paris Metro (Paris Subway or Underground) is one of the oldest in Europe. It is the fastest way to get around Paris.
  • RER de París The Paris RER is an express train connecting central Paris with the surrounding suburbs.
  • Autobuses de París
    Paris has a network of over 60 bus routes during the day and 40 night buses. This means of transport is a good option for short journeys and is a way of discovering Paris. 
  • Funicular de Montmartre The Montmartre funicular is a type of tram connecting the foot of Montmartre to its summit, so that tourists and Parisians don’t have to climb 197 steps to reach the top of the hill.
  • Tranvías en París During the twentieth century, trams were replaced by other means of transport in Paris. However, several lines have been introduced back into the city and currently there are seven operational tram lines.
  • Taxis en París Paris has over 17,000 registered taxis available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find out how to catch a taxi, taxi numbers and the fares. 

Sightseeing tours

  • Autobuses turísticos en París Paris offers several hop on, hop off bus tours by different tour operators such as Big Bus, Paris OpenTour and Foxity Sightseeing Tour.
  • Batobus The Batobus is a boat service in the River Seine with numerous stops at different attractions in Paris. Find out about its stops, fares and schedules. 

Fares and travel cards to get around Paris

In Paris, tourists can get single-journey tickets (t+ ticket) every time they use the public transport, or they can purchase one of the two travel cards available. If you're staying in Paris for a few days, we suggest getting a travel card to cover all your transport needs during your visit. 

  • Ticket t+ The t+ ticket is a standard one-way ticket for Paris public transit. It can be bought as a single ticket or in packs of ten.
  • Paris Visite The Paris Visite is a travel card that can be used on all the public transport network in Paris, between zones 1 to 3. We recommend this travel card for short trips to Paris.  
  • Passe Navigo The Passe Navigo is the best option for longer visits and is the travel card used by Parisians to get around Paris.

Another interesting travel card is the Paris Pass that includes the advantages of the Paris Visite and gives you free access to over 60 attractions.