Place Vendôme

The Place Vendômes is one of the city’s most famous and beautiful neoclassical squares.

The Place Vendôme is one of the city’s most famous and beautiful neoclassical squares. Completely surrounded by sober buildings, it currently houses some of the most famous high-end stores, such as, Dior, Chanel or Cartier.

The square was previously called Place Louis le Grand, Place des Conquêtes, Place des Piques or Place International, and is nowadays an example of the opulence and luxury found in Paris.

History of Place Vendôme

When the square was designed, the façades of all the buildings were built before the actual constructions so that the square would be perfect. In the centre of the square an equestrian statue of Louis XIV was set up, which was later destroyed during the French Revolution.

During the Revolution, the square was renamed Place des Piques. Later, an enormous column (Vendôme Column) was placed at the centre of the square, where the statue of Louis XIV had previously stood. It has a low relief imitating the Trajan’s Column in Rome.


The most exclusive jewellery stores, high-end shops and best hotels, including the Ritz and the Vendôme hotels,  are found in this impressive square. 

Although this neighborhood is quite pricey, we definitely recommend visiting the area even if you don’t intend on shopping


Metro: Opéra, lines 3, 7 and 8; Tuileries, line 1.