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Chapelle expiatoire

Built at the end of the French Revolution, the Chapelle expiatoire (Expiatory Chapel) is a neoclassical commemorative monument constructed on the grounds where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were buried after their execution.

Chapelle expiatoire
Chapelle expiatoire

Chapelle expiatoire, inside
Inside the Chapelle expiatoire

Dedicated to the Monarchs

When the monarchy was restored after the French Revolution, King Louis XVIII decided to build the Chapelle expiatoire in memory of his brother Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. Their remains were also moved to the Basilica of Saint Denis. 

The construction of the chapel began in 1815 and was finished in 1826. 

Inside the Chapel

Inside the temple there are two marble sculptures representing Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. In the crypt, visitors will see a black marble altar with an inscription of the location where the monarchs’ remains were found.  

Not very recommended

Although the Expiatory Chapel held an important role in the past and is currently considered a historic monument, we believe that there are a lot more interesting things to see than this Chapel. It is a relatively small building with very little to see inside, and the admission ticket is quite pricey, in our opinion.


Very near Place Louis XVI

When to visit

5 May – 30 September:
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Sunday: Monument closed
Thursday – Friday – Saturday: 10 am – noon / 1:30 pm – 6 pm.


Adults: 5,5€
Youth (under 18): free entry
EU Citizens (ages 18 - 25): free entry
Free entry with the Paris Pass and the Paris Museum Pass.


Metro: Saint-Lazare, lines 3, 12 and 13; Saint-Augustin, lines 3 and 13; Havre-Caumartin, lines 3 and 9; Madeleine, líneas 8, 12 y 14.
Bus: lines 32, 43,49, 84 and 94.


Chapelle expiatoire, location map

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