Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios is Disneyland Paris’ second theme park designed for teenagers and adults. Its main theme is the cinema and the attractions are even scarier and more thrilling than those in Disneyland Park.

Walt Disney Studios was opened to the public on the 16 March, 2002, ten years after the inauguration of Disneyland Paris. This amusement park is smaller and is considered by many as Disneyland Park's counterpart. 


The top attractions not to be missed are:

  • Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic: A must try attraction. A train ride where you see and experience the best special effects that exist.
  • Rock n Roller Coaster: The fastest roller coaster of the amusement park, the Rock n Roller Coaster is an indoor ride similar to the Space Mountain, but with better music, effects and setting. 
  • Crush’s Coaster: You’ll travel with Nemo and all his friends through the coral reefs.
  • Tower of Terror: A drop tower ride, visitors will be petrified once inside the Hotel Hightower. 


Apart from the attractions, you can’t miss out on the park’s shows:

  • Moteurs…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular: Pursuits, jumps and a story that will not leave you indifferent. A lot of spectacular action.

You’ll find more information on the Disneyland Paris official website.